How to Find out the Right Assisted Living centre?

Assisted living is a type of housing designed for elders who needs medical and personal care. It’s a home like setting, promote independence and safety. Facilities typically offer multiple levels of care depending on what residents need and how much their families can afford. Services like meals, housekeeping, and care, recreational and social services.

Arrangements & services how it works

Assisted living admission department should evaluate what type of services required for the elders and determine their needs. Monitor each day’s activities and keep a chart scheduled so that it will be easy to maintain, later on if changes need they can add on. A copy of this is kept for the record of the residents loved ones.

Majority of assisted living provide skilled nursing care. In case of Dementia, Alzheimer’s, injury special care and exercises are given which include physical therapy too. Different kinds of mental strengthening games promote elders to be engaged and active.

Assisted living usually is private or semi-private furnished bedrooms with private bathrooms in some cases kitchen facilities are also provided. Living and Dining area are common. Studio type apartments as well as dormitory style arrangement can be seen.

Although assisted living facilities differ in various places but the services include

  • Medical & Health services
  • Assistance for daily activities (bathing, dressing}
  • Healthy diet three times a day
  • 24 hours security and safety
  • Housekeeping and Laundry services
  • Exercises activities {physical &mental}
  • Recreational Activities
  • Open discussion and Educational activities
  • Wellness awareness
  • Religious activities
  • Emergency care

Quality of care

It is also important to authenticate the commitment, experience, qualifications of the administrator, enquire the service provided for assisted living facility impeccable or immaculate. When evaluating the residence administrator, search for experience in this particular field, training taken to meet elderly persons health, medical care, physical as well as social needs, adequate information he has in this area. Overall the love and peaceful approach to the loved ones.

Check List

  • Cleanliness
  • Spacious rooms for your loved ones needs
  • Rooms and bathrooms
  • Safety locks on doors and windows
  • Security and  safety systems
  • Services such as banking, medical assistance
  • Generator or alternative power source
  • Enough common areas

 Finding The Right Facility

If you have assessed residential facilities and feel that your loved one would be comfortable in assisted living. Then you should contact a physician, or social worker to inquire about the facilities in this area, enquire with more than one of these individuals and learn from couple of similar service providing centres. When you have gathered all the information that you can about facilities in your loved one’s area, be sure to visit more than one centre or home. This way you can get a good feel of what different assisted living facilities can offer.

While visiting an assisted living facility check below services provided

  • Range of services
  • Terms and conditions
  • Financial plan
  • Evaluation

Check the rules and Rights for the elders

  • Treated with respect and dignity
  • Safety
  • Privacy
  • Freedom to interact with other residents
  • Use of personal possessions
  • Freedom from Loneliness
  • Medical records and updated health information can be verified
  • Personal finances can be controlled &monitored
  • Independence & quality of life enjoyed