Palliative Care Services

In our enduring commitment to provide the well-managed supportive care the elderly & terminally ill with diverse health conditions we bring an expansive range of options under Respite Care and Permanent care. Our expert and experienced staff works closely with our customers and their family though open interaction to best understand their needs and help them explore the “In-patient care” programmes intended at providing the best quality of life possible

Our Care Services

Palliative Care

Our palliative care service is intended to provide the best compassionate care to the patients in the advanced stages of critical illnesses. Palliative care begins at diagnosis and continues during treatment and beyond. We give all the support needed to alleviate their pain and symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, depression and anxiety.

Geriatric Care

We help the aged citizens to live the second part of their life gracefully. Chronic conditions, unstable hormonal levels, weak muscles and other wear and tear of bones are some of the hassles they have to cope with in this later years of the life. Our care givers are exceptionally good at handling these issues and providing them a cheerful life.

Hospice Care

Hospice care programme is designed to give the terminally ill patients a comfortable and peaceful life up to the time of death and providing support for the family during and after a patient’s illness. Our staff will be attentive 24 x 7 to ensure the patient gets the best comfort possible in this critical phase of their life.

Disability Care

Whether born with a disabling condition, or disabled at a later stage of life after an accident or illness, we give perfect support to regain the health or manage the condition to improve the quality of life. Our disability care centre has the most modern equipments to provide the patient with the best support possible.

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care

We look after the needs of those dealing with a diverse range of memory impairments. The dedicated staff at our memory care facility offers a programme that meets the specific needs of those with memory loss or cognitive impairment.Our dedicated and empathetic team understand well the needs of a person suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Stroke Rehabilitative care

Stroke, accident or chronic health conditions may render a person disabled temporarily. Right medical care and support can bring the patient back to normalcy. At KanCare, we support the patient with the medical attention, physiotherapy and mental stimulation to help him regain health and live a normal lifestyle independently.

Post-operative Care

Post-operative care can involve a higher-level of care as some operations can put significant stress on the body, especially in the case of elderly patients. Risk of infection is too high and of utmost importance for such patients. Our staff are experienced in caring for patients recovering from a wide range of surgeries.

Our Facilities

Medication Assistance: The center has a well stocked in house pharmacy that provides medications at fair prices.

Laboratory Tests:  We are tied up with DDRC SRL, which is a NABL certified lab offering a range of laboratory services.

Medical Equipment:  We are capable of granting them the equipment they need at the center for comfortable stay.

Homely Food: We take a conscious effort to provide healthy and nutritious home cooked food as prescribed by the dietitian

Our Care Team

Experienced Doctors

The backbone of our endeavors is our experienced consulting physicians with valued exposure in geriatric & palliative care bringing years of assimilated insight to provide effective medical care for the aged and the terminally ill. Their expertise and service is made available to each of our residents during working hours for routine check ups and to attend to any of their specific medical needs. Physicians are also available on call even in the wee hours for medical emergencies.

Social Workers/Counselors

It said that a battle is first won in the mind or for that matter healing begins from within. Embracing these fundamental truths, our team of experienced social workers are deeply engaged in rendering mental strength and support to the patients and their kin to cope with the life challenging transition. They lend their timely counsel and guidance to address the emotional, social and spiritual concerns that aging or illness can bring up.

Care Specialists

In our constant efforts to offer uncompromising medical attention to the residents round the clock, we have a dedicated team of experienced a nursing professionals who rise above the call of duty to ensure the residents are truly cared for and supported. With an open hearted and friendly approach to rightfully meet the needs of the residents, our care enablers elevate patient care to something that is reassuring, personal and heart felt.


Our physiotherapists trained in geriatric care and rehabilitation work closely with our residents to maximize their functional independence and physical mobility to the extend their health conditions permit which has a positive bearing on their self esteem and confidence.