Contemplative Care

Kancare is a progressive assisted living and palliative care center that was born out of a noble thought to provide pragmatic and meaningful supportive care for the aged . Ageing is not a disease but ageing brings with it a host of challenges like loss of memory, mobility, meaningful relationships, money etc.

Kancare strives to provide optimal quality of life possible to those who are finding it difficult to lead a normal life because of age or health issues. The thoughtfully designed holistic healthcare practices followed at Kancare alleviates pain and stress, and enables the inmates to lead a life with a positive attitude.

Services We Offer

  • Dementia and Memory Care centre (870)
  • Neuro Rehabilitaiton – Stroke, Parkinsons, Motor Neuron disease
  • Palliative and
    Hospice Care
  • Transition and
    Continuum Care


Our Care

At Kan care we have an ecosystem that emphasises on providing care giving beyond the clinical engagement rendering our services unique and distinctive. One that makes a mindful and earnest effort to understand the needs from “the perspective of the patient” to provide a more discerning care that they deserve. Something that is made possible by investing in a “reflective, receptive and responsive” approach to patient care – a thought process that is reflected in our care design:

Care that is Considerate :

The trials of aging, terminal illness and other chronic conditions can be hard and traumatic on your loves ones wearing them down emotionally often leaving them stranded in a delicate & vulnerable space. In these difficult times, our care givers are equipped to provide the much needed emotional care beyond the medical intervention, by reaching out to them gently with patience and compassion. Our care givers are also molded to respect the privacy of our residents and treat with them with utmost dignity – an affirmation of a care that is mindful and considerate.

Care that is Relevant :

Over the years, our experience has taught us an important lesson—each individual needs exclusive care, treatment regimes and support interventions. This is exactly what we bring for each of our patient. A personalized care tailored to best suit the needs of our residents based on sound assessment.

Care that is Well Rounded :

Our interdisciplinary team of care professional work in tandem to provide a layered care to treat the patients holistically—meeting their emotional, social and spiritual needs all the while offering medical care for the problems confined to their illness.. A multidimensional approach that makes available the highest standards of comfort care possible to bring relief at all levels and stages of the illness for our residents.



Dr Boby Sarah Thomas ,a radiation oncologist is the founder of Kancare. She is a confident professional and is passionate about her work. She has inspired many and is making the world a better place by touching one life at a time.

After completing her medical studies from KMC, Mangalore in 2000 she worked with patients hailing from poor and backward communities through a Christian missionary organisation. Her own mother was diagnosed with cancer and this brought her back to Cochin. She did her post graduation on Radiation Oncology from Amrita Institute of Medical sciences and later took an interest in preventive oncology and palliative care. She witnessed large number of cancer patients being sent home whenever cure was not possible. There was lack of proper resources and services to help these ailing patients and families. This sorry state of affairs inspired Dr. Boby Sarah Thomas to take up Home based healthcare as an alternative to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of those in need. Though the idea began with cancer patients currently all senior citizens who need medical assistance are being seen by the team.

Dr Manoj C Jacob MBBS,MD (General Medicine)

Dr Manoj C Jacob is a Physician with more than 20 years of experience in the medical field. He completed his post graduation in General Medicine from CMC Ludhiana. With a dedication to serve in rural areas he joined Asha Kiran hospital , a mission hospital in Orissa as a Consultant Physician and went on to become the Medical Director. He later moved to Chennai where he was associated with the DEAN foundation and involved in palliative and geriatric home based medical care. He is currently based in Kochi and his specific area of interest is home based care for elderly.

Our Team of
Qualified Nurses and Caregivers