Signs to move a patient to memory care

Memory care communities are specifically designed to meet unique needs and also specialized care  and assistance provided with people who are well trained for Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients, main goal is to enhance the quality of life battling with memory loss. There are different signs and indicators shown by the patients that alerts you they need memory care .Moving to memory care will be a right step for the family, when patient receive the help and support to their specific needs. Transition of moving a loved one from home setting to memory care community is heart breaking, emotionally draining.

Signal that’s time to move into memory care community

  • Change in behaviour– Become more anxious, irritated, forget daily tasks, unhealthy hygiene, withdrawal from social activities.
  • Feeling Isolation- Loneliness and isolation can lead to depression so memory care communities have specifically designed activities for people with dementia
  • Disorientation and confusion-patients often experience confusion and disorientation, a delicate mental state leads them to unsafe situations and accidents. Memory loss causes individual with this condition forget to do important tasks.
  • Unhealthy living environment-piling up daily chores activities.
  • Decline in health-decline in health leads to weakness, weight loss, difficulty to stand or to walk.
  • Wandering from Home-some cases they leave the house, wanders which is dangerous sign and risk.
  • Lack of self-control-Forgetting to go to bathroom which become a big issue.
  • Neglecting finance- Forgetting the bill payments. Difficult to remember money transactions.
  • Neglecting personal care-Forgetting to bath, wash, unwashed clothes, body odor, unkempt hair and other personal hygiene.
  • Person’s needs exceed what the caregiver can provide-Dementia is progressive disease  it will continue to increase as person’s need will exceed which a single caregiver can provide such as assistance with toilet, physical assistance for bath, dress, eating, assistance with mobility ,walk and other exercises.


Key factor makes memory care facility preferable, based on providing the best care, safety, assistance, activities, how to handle behavioural problems, trained staff with patience, care and love .Move to memory care can be a positive step for the person with dementia and their family. Talk with your loved ones about moving into memory care community when they receive proper treatments and therapies that may temporarily improve symptoms moreover build a healthier relationship .Patient who is living with memory loss ,dementia or Alzheimer’s must consider a senior living community understands what they are going through and can provide them with the best care possible.