Skin care for Elderly patients

Taking care of the skin is very important for the elderly as they have very high chances of procuring skin related infections and diseases. Ageing skin could be more dry and susceptible to itches, which can lead to injuries and unhealed wounds. Skin cancer is another serious treat for elders who stay unprotected in the sun, especially in the tropical climate.  If you want to prevent serious skin infections and cancers, here are certain things to be aware of:

Eating correctly

While everybody has to eat correctly to keep diseases at bay, you must be particularly careful to eats foods rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. This is why it is important to include plenty of green vegetables, avocados, berries, walnuts, salmon and melons in your diet.

Hydrating well

The best skin comes to a person who drinks plenty of water. So make sure you drink to flush out the toxins out of the body. The number of glasses would depend on the climate and the person.

After bath

Take bath using mild soap and apply moisturiser afterwards. It is also best to avoid very hot water bath as that could damage the skin.

Room humidifier

Room humidifiers are good not only for people with allergies and sinuses, it is also good for the skin, as it keeps the dryness at bay.

For a bedridden patient, make sure he/she is turned frequently to avoid bedsores. And it is also important to remove absorbent products and catheters as frequently as possible.

Beware : An ageing skin gets thinner as well, making it prone to cracking and dermatitis. 

Avoid: Smoking, Exposure to sun without sun block, hot and dry places (saunas)