Home care Vs Assisted living… which is suitable for you?

Home care is all about feeling comfortable with your own home, care provider coming into your own space and assist you. Some believe this comfort can never be matched with any other services or environment. Being at home allows elders to stick to their own routines in familiar surroundings and maintain a peaceful and calm life. The most important factor to take up a decision, depends upon the specific situation the individual facing whether physical, emotional or mental are they able to handle daily routine, other factors also involve to determine physical as well as financial too.

Here are some Pros and Cons:


  • Being safely at home
  • Daily activities met
  • One on one care given according to the needs
  • Elder person and care provider get closer and know each other
  • Choice of freedom and independence being at home


  • House hold supplies and maintenance, housekeeping should be managed
  • Home may need the mobility and accessibility if older person needs wheel chair or walker to be used
  • Safety measures limited
  • Cost is high
  • Social isolation may lead to depression and decline of health problems
  • Lack professional medical care if emergency arise

 Assisted Living

Assisted living homes are best for individuals who aren’t able to live independently, who needs care on daily activities, such as medication management, meal services, physical therapy, laundry, housekeeping. Homely settings allow the residents to maintain independence, privacy, safety, social activities with healthy hygienic meals thrice a day makes them happy and peaceful. Around the clock care and services are also given. Nutritious food, games and social activities make residents sense of belonging, enjoy the quality of life   and peace of mind.

Here are some Pros and Cons:


  • Around the clock service
  • Homely atmosphere
  • Opportunities to socialize with others
  • Daily activities met
  • Independence and recreational activities
  • Healthy diet
  • Promotes physical, mental and social activities


  • Have to choose the centre that does not looks like a hospital
  • Quality and service can vary or differ depends upon Centres

Which is suitable for you?

This is an important step in life which you have to choose. It is not an easy decision for your loved one to create a wrong choice even if you know the details of both assisted living and home care also the pros and cons.

Once you know exactly the needs then it will be easy to choose the right one, always look at in a long-term perspective, if you can prepare a list on monthly, weekly and daily basis it will be easier to select which help and care is needed. Another factor to choose is the finance compare both cost and you can easily find which one is affordable. One more factor to remember is how much help you or your family member can provide.

To conclude

For seniors who need some daily assistance but still feel they have a good quality of life physically and mentally, home care may be a good choice.

When someone requires more than four or five hours of home care a day, medical attention, physical therapy, daily activities assisted living may be the better choice financially.

“It’s always best to prepare yourself with the most valid and reliable information possible so you can make the right choice that’s for you and your loved one in the right arms”