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Professional memory care unit in Kerala - Dementia is a major issue of dependence and disability in old age. Among the various Indian states, Kerala has the highest proportion of elderly people in the country. The worst part is that there is poor awareness of dementia in our society. A concrete effort is to be made to educate people about dementia and… Read More
Is there any cure for dementia? - When your partner, parent, or loved one gets diagnosed with dementia, you want to do everything in your power to help them, including their thinking skills, behaviour, mood, and memory. A lot is at stake, but handy measures are there to help. Read More
Dementia in Kerala - There are viable measures in place to help people with dementia, but for the caregivers, it is important to provide support. The dementia numbers in Kerala are alarming, with the highest portion of the elderly. Nearly 60% of the population in Kerala is above the age of 60. Read More
How to recognise early dementia? - Dementia is not a single disease, but a broad term that encompasses a series of symptoms. The symptoms not only impact your ability to think, process information, and communicate with others. According to estimates by the WHO, nearly 55 million people suffer from dementia globally, and every year, close to 10 million cases is diagnosed… Read More
How Kancare helps dementia patients? - Dementia is a progressive disease that destroys the brain cells and affects the person’s behaviour, memory, and thoughts. People who suffer from dementia receive daily assistance and care from their near and dear ones. Read More
Signs to move a patient to memory care - Memory care communities are specifically designed to meet unique needs and also specialized care and assistance provided with people who are well trained for Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients, main goal is to enhance the quality of life battling with memory loss. Read More
Tips for family members to take care of dementia patients at home - Coping and caring for someone suffering from dementia is an emotional roller coaster. Since there is no specific form of care, it is often the support and caregiving that make a major difference in improving your quality of life. This is a remarkable gift, and you can look forward to seeking help in terms of… Read More
How to take care of dementia patients? - Caring for your loved one with Dementia or Alzheimer’s can be emotional, stressful journey. Since there is no cure for this disease it is often your support and love make the big difference. Read More
What is memory care? - Memory care is a form of special care for people living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia ,it’s a long term care provided with intensive support and attention, designed with safety and secure environments were staff can closely monitor the specific needs and health of the residents. Read More
What is Dementia/ Alzheimers? - Dementia is the term used to describe disablement of two brain functions, such as memory loss and judgement, symptoms includes forgetfulness, limited thinking abilities, reasoning, and confusion to such an extent it intervene with a person’s daily life activities. Read More
How to Find out the Right Assisted Living centre? - Assisted living is a type of housing designed for elders who needs medical and personal care. It’s a home like setting, promote independence and safety. Facilities typically offer multiple levels of care depending on what residents need and how much their families can afford. Read More
Home care Vs Assisted living… which is suitable for you? - Home care is all about feeling comfortable with your own home, care provider coming into your own space and assist you. Some believe this comfort can never be matched with any other services or environment. Read More
Difference between Assisted Living and Nursing Homes - An assisted living community provides daily activities in a comfortable manner with independence and encouragement given for each senior whether it is physical or mental needs with a personalized care. Read More
Advantages of Assisted Living Center - Assisted living for seniors is a home far away from home, providing specific needs at the right time, right place, right hands with care, love and support. These Centres prioritize each individual’s medical as well as personal care facilities with skilled nursing hands. Read More
What is assisted living facility for seniors? - Assisted living for seniors is a home far away from home, providing specific needs at the right time, right place, right hands with care, love and support. These Centres prioritize each individual’s medical as well as personal care facilities with skilled nursing hands. Read More
Sleep Problems in Old Age - It is normal to sleep lesser number of hours than you usually do, feel sleepy early and wake up early as you age. Just like our body ages, our sleep patterns also change. But that doesn’t mean elders should be sleeping less than they should as it could affect their general well-being and daytime functioning. Research… Read More
Insurance Policies for Senior Citizens - Things to look into before opting for a mediclaim policy for senior citizens Many of the leading insurance companies are offering health insurance packages for senior citizens.  With mounting healthcare costs, having an insurance cover is a huge relief. However senior citizens insurance policies have a higher premium and hence choosing a plan that suits… Read More
Senior Citizen Facilities Kochi – You will never walk alone. - DID YOU KNOW that there are many facilities in Kochi available to help out our senior citizens. We are compiling a directory of such service providers and here is a list of few of them . HELPLINES FOR SENIOR CITIZENS IN KOCHI Elderline  – 0484-2707023 The Elder Line is a confidential, free helpline for older people… Read More
Skin care for Elderly patients - Taking care of the skin is very important for the elderly as they have very high chances of procuring skin related infections and diseases. Ageing skin could be more dry and susceptible to itches, which can lead to injuries and unhealed wounds. Skin cancer is another serious treat for elders who stay unprotected in the… Read More